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. the second issue deals with america's interests and whether what happened in libya actually effects the united states. >> secretary gates said it is not of vital interest to the united states. >> i don't think it's vital interest for the united states but we clearly have interests there, and it's a part of the region which is a vital interest for the united states. >> what we're doing and qaddafi's history and the potential for the disruption and instability was very much in our interests as bob said and seen by our european friends and our arab partners as very vital to their interests. >> shepard: well, those interests, of course, include all together now, oil. libya has the world's ninth largest proven reserves of oil. and 90% of libya's oil goes to europe. primarily italy, germany, france, and spain. there is one more overarching issue with libya. that's whether it sets a bad new bar. in other words, is what we do now a sort of indicator of what's to come later if there is another uprising? or is this some sort of special case? secretary clinton says places like syria or the ivo
education. >> here is what i think, i say i am not willing to give up on any child in america. i say i'm not willing to give up on any school in america. i do not accept failure here in america. >> in fact, governor bush picked that school as an example of turning a school around after it was a failure a couple of years ago. >> shepard: what about the debate over unions in florida, it's a right to work state, we're not expecting wisconsin style thing, are we? >> some people believe there may be that problem because there is a budget crunch in the state of florida. there is a difficult situation in terms of funding some of the schools, a loss of federal money. they're asking teachers to kick in to their pension 5%. here is one union leader's story on that. >> i'm wearing a black ribbon in solidarity with workers in wisconsin, ohio, and indiana and it is also the fact that florida is next. there is some very nasty legislation and it is not for the good of our students issues but to silence the voices of our teachers. >> she's talking about multiple bills that the republicans in the legis
report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> america's third war. this time we are siding with largely unknown rebels in the civil war in libya. there is a mission, however in precise but no end game defined. still, leaders say the beginning is going well. >> we are satisfied that our attacks and those of our partners have been highly effective. >> as war planes target the libyan leader's troops, and cruise missiles scream through the skies, there are new accusations qaddafi is protecting his territory with human shields, including journalists. and now some government forces are reportedly removing their uniforms to hide in plain sight. plus, qaddafi's compound, among the targets. but where is the libyan leader? and in japan nuclear chaos. tonight, how the newest trouble forced workers and the u.s. navy to clear the area. first from fox this monday night, the desperation tactics of muammar qaddafi. we are seeing new evidence that the dictator is using human shields to keep international coalition to keep from hitting key targets. this as america unleashes fireplace in yet another confl
in the matter of days. >> shepard: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon in america's new war in libya. on day four of that conflict, president obama decides to cut his foreign trip short or i should say cut short his foreign trip and come home. meantime russia and china are calling for a cease-fire in libya, raising concerns about civilian casualties. but one u.s. official says they are falling for what he calls qaddafi's lies. remember russia and china abstained from the united nations vote authorizing the military operation. and, yesterday, the russian prime minister vladimir putin compared it to the crusades. russia's president meet tri medvedev made the rare move of criticizing putin for that comment. our defense secretary robert gates happens to be in russia right now. he medicine with medvedev but not putin and said the coalition is carefully trying to avoid killing civilians. >> it's almost as though some people here are taking it face value qaddafi's claims about the number of civilian casualties, which as far as i'm concerned is outright lies. >> shepard: secretary gates expects the
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opposition forces in the air america hasn't ruled out sending america forces on the ground. the white house notes such a move is not at the top of the list. the defense secretary robert gates went a step further today. >> i don't think anybody has any intention of putting any ground forces in libya. nobody has ever even talked about that. [gunfire] but one option they are talking about is the idea of sending weapons to rebel troops to help them fight qaddafi's military and members -- mercenaries. start arming opposition forces. but secretary gates said today that is news to him and the white house is down playing the idea. >> i think that it would be premature to send a bunch of weapons to post office box in eastern libya. >> shepard: and the white house says we shouldn't get ahead of ourself here but britain and france are already drafting a united nations resolution that would establish a no-fly zone in the skies over libya. and the perg gulf states are now jumping on board with that idea, saying they will not stand by while libyan blood is stilled spilled. steve harrigan with the news li
official says this has become a war on america's soil. plus, constructing the world trade center in a virtual world. >> they negotiate. go up and down. i'm in your space and they are in my space. >> shepard: like putting together the world's most complicated puzzle. why the rise of freedom is going high tech. >> shepard: the pentagon confirms tonight it does have evidence that the libyan government has been using air power against opposition forces. and the libyan government does not deny it. but in an interview with our sister network sky news in great britain, qaddafi's son insisted the attacks were not intended to kill anybody. >> so you are dropping a bomb on the militia. that's what you are saying? >> first of all, the bomb is just to frighten them to go away. [gunfire] >> shepard: just to frighten them to go away. we are told this is amateur video of a fire fight near a major oil installation in the city of brega, where libyan forces or i should say libyan bombs fell. that's where qaddafi's son says government bombings were just meant to frighten people. opposition forces s
he alluded to possible military action in the abc interview saying "america is not the international police of the world." team fox coverage now jonathan hunt on the libyan border. james rosen at the state department. first jen griffin at the pentagon tonight. jennifer, what do we know about the military repositioning forces? >> well, navy sources tell fox news that the u.s.s., a marine amphibious assault ship has been ordered to pass through the suez canal from the red sea where it is tonight into the mediterranean, moving it closer to the libyan coast, should it be called upon to assist in a humor tarren effort or in some other military capacity. this will raise the number of u.s. surface warships in the mediterranean to three. the uss enterprise carrier strike group remains close by in the red sea for now. pentagon planners are trying to find a marine battalion to serve on the kearsarge the marine in afghanistan. >> shepard: as u.s. commanders shift around our naval forces, there is also talk of protecting the skies over libya. america's top diplomat says america is considering no
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some cash. plus, thousands of miles of natural gas pipeline run through neighborhoods across america. >> they are a ticking time bomb. >>shepard: sometimes they explode. a federal investigation into the dangers buried in our backyards. but, first, from fox on tuesday night, with the future of libya in the air tonight, the united states military now is dramatically increasing its presence in that region. so far military leaders insist it is for the possibility of evacuations and humanitarian relief. today, the defense secretary announced he is sending hundreds of marines and two assault ships. we are told the vessels and troops will join three warships on scene. the difficult -- destroyers as well as the entire enterprise group at the ready if it receives orders. but now, secretary gates says military intervention is not in the cards nor is an establishment of so-called no-fly zone over libya. listen. >> we obviously are looking at a lot of openings and contingencies. no decisions have been made on any other actions. i would note that the u.n. security council resolution provides no a
the country. >> shepard: tonight, on the rise of freedom. how businesses across america are helping us all remember what he we lost. but we begin tonight with breaking news. there is an agreement for nato to take over at least part of the war in libya. the secretary general of the united nations saying that the alliance or i should say of nato will be in charge of enforcing the no-fly zone. but just the no-fly zone for now. again, we are waiting for service hillary clinton. she has just come out. let's listen. >> the president and the national security team and i want to give you an update on the international community's efforts to implement u.n. security council resolutions 1970 and 1973 and protect the civilians of libya. events have moved very quickly. so, let's be clear about where we stand and how we got here. when the libyan people thought to realize their democratic aspirations, they were met by extreme violence from their own government. the libyan people appealed to the world to help stop the brutal attacks on them. and the world listened. the arab league called for urgent action
speech protected? now we know. >> god hates america and all of the u.s. military. >> they greet families of the fallen with signs reading thank god for dead soldiers. >> it's a disgrace. >> but is it constitutional? tonight, the ruling from the supreme court. [chanting] >> shepard: plus the chaos in libya threatens a major oil facility. and qaddafi warns the u.s. butt out. >> we will get into a very bloody war, thousands and thousands of libyan also die if america ornate toe enter. >> shepard: but the u.s. military is not backing down. >> a no fly zone begins with an attack on libya to destroy the air defenses. if it's ordered, we can do it. >> shepard: and the apple ceo steve jobs comes back from sick leave and wait until you see the new ipad 2. but first from fox this wednesday night, two united states airmen are dead tonight. gunned down at an airport in germany. another two wounded in the same attack. happened at the main international terminal in the city of frankfort, which is one of the busiest air hubs in all the world. according to the investigators the suspect is a 21-year-old
focusing on america's energy supply today and laying out some pretty specific goals. the first one is a new one. and it's a biggie. cutting u.s. oil imports by one third by the year 2025. also rebuilding -- i should say building four new biofuel plants within the next two years. something he has mentioned before. putting a million electric vehicles on u.s. roads by 2015. >> meeting the goal of cutting our oil dependents depends largely on two things. first, finding and producing more oil at home. second, reducing our overall dependent on oil with cleaner alternative fuels and greater efficiency. i have got to be honest. we run into the same political gridlock, the same inertia that was held us back for decades. that has to change. >> republicans say the president himself is part of the problem. mike emanuel with both sides from the white house tonight. mike, g.o.p. leaders are saying the administration is keeping the u.s. oil industry from expanding. >> that's right, shep. a leading senate republican saying that this white house is at war with the american energy industry. pointing out that
president obama cutting short his trip to latin america by a few hours to deal with the military operation and the opposition to it on capitol hill. team fox coverage continues now. wendell goler at the white house. wendell, it's coming from all sides now. how does the white house answer this question? how do they insist that we're not at war in libya. >> well, the short answer, shep, is they don't answer the question. officials say we are enforcing the u.n. security council resolution in libya, plan to hand off control in a matter of days. officials say the broad coalition both adds to legitimacy and lowers our costs it appears it also makes it difficult to answer some fundamental questions about the mission. >> i don't know what you wanted to call it, wendell, but i guarantee you that nobody in libya is mistaking our seriousness. >> i would say it's a combat mission, clearly. beyond that you can pars that out. >> house speaker john boehner asked the president to give congress and the american people, quote: a clear and robust assessment of the scope, objective, and purpose of our missio
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. that was the suggestion today from america's top diplomat. secretary of state hillary clinton meeting with dozens of people in london. dozens of u.s. allies that at least one libyan opposition leader. she discussed the coalition's goals for ending the not war. >> to urge qaddafi to implement a real cease-fire that is not going to be immediately breached by his own forces. to withdraw from those areas that he has taken by force. and to look for a political resolution which could include his leaving the country. >> shepard: this comes as a senior u.s. officials tells fox news that qaddafi's inner circle shows signs of, quote, cracking with some of his most trusted advisors questioning whether he can survive. that official also tells us that morale among the libyan troops is low. but the situation on the ground in the not war does not reflect that over the past 24 hours, colonel qaddafi's forces have made significant gains against the rebel fighters. those rebels advanced quickly over the last couple days qaddafi's hometown of sirte. rockets forced them to double back today, retreat. this despite th
states and britain on planning to get involved. tonight, war. can america handle another one? government warplanes launching new air strikes against the libyan people. each side in this conflict is desperately trying to gain ground. but tonight, as people push for a no-fly zone, some experts warn it might have almost no impact. we'll show you why. plus the canadian border is almost 3,000 miles long. that means the agents charged with protecting it have to keep moving. >> our job is to stop that person coming into the united states to do us harm. >> it's 19 degrees and the wind is howling off the frozen saint lawrence river. pretty typical march morning for these border patrol agents. >> shepard: tonight, rick leventhal with the border patrol in the great white north. plus, first from fox this tuesday night, civil war. look it up. it's what's happening in libya. and tonight president obama plans for the united states to possibly get involved. and word of a setback for the people fighting muammar qaddafi's military mercenaries. witnesses on the ground now claim the government forces have n
if this incident were happening in the united states of america. >> and, shep, we are being told that that discrepancy is the reason you are seeing this advice now to stay 50 miles away. shepard? >> shepard: it's very interesting. the united states military clearly beefing up its presence here and around japan. >> that's right. you now have 14 naval vessels off the coast. mostly off the west coast of japan because of the radiation threat. they have placed them there. we have the uss blue ridge arriving tomorrow. that will be the flag ship for the 7th fleet. we are also told there are 2200 marines who could be sent to clear the sendai air field near the epicenter of the earthquake. it's only 35 miles from the nuclear facility. that would put it within that 50-mile range. and we're told from military sources that, in essence, they could be given an exception and ordered to go into that zone. they simply would be taking those potassium iodine pills, shepard? >> shepard: jen griffin live for us at the pentagon. jen, thanks very much. thousands here in japan and around the world for t
.com. >> president obama spoke today to lawmakers about america's role in libya and some of the lawmakers are asking for a bit more clarity. plus rick leventhal on the front lines. >> down the road a couple miles you are in raping of tank shells mortgage argues from gadhafi troops. >> as libyan rebels try to keep their spirits high. ♪ ♪ nce to a lifetime repair guarantee, we do all we can to help you move on. liberty mutual auto insurance. [ female announcer ] last year, the u.s. used enough plastic water bottles to stretch around the earth over 190 times. ♪ each brita filter can take up to 300 of those bottles out of the equation. [ male announcer ] introducing the brita bottle with a filter inside. now great-tasting water can go wherever you go. ♪ [ upbeat instrumental ]e. [ rattling ] [ gasps ] [ rattling ] [ laughing ] [ announcer ] close enough just isn't good enough. - if your car is in an accident, - [ laughing continu ] make sure it's repaired with the right replacement parts. take the scary out of life with travelers. call or click now for an agent or quote. it's more gradual, subtl
hits a budd bus head on killing a family. it's our top story on a fox trip across america. north carolina: police say the car crossed the center line while rounding a sharp curve on a royal road near ash. that's when it collided with a school bus. the wreck killing two kids and their parents who were in that car. kentucky. a student releasing pepper spray on a jefferson county school bus. it sent nearly a dozen kids to the hospital complaining of ear, nose, and throat irritation. one parent says the attack targeted her daughters. >> i don't know who in their right mind would give their child pepper spray to bring to school. >> jon: she says she plans to press charges. florida. diamond in the rough. a golfer finding a wedding ring on a course just outside miami. he says he thought of cashing it in but his wife changed his mind. >> if my ring was lost i would definitely be panicking, especially something my husband gave me dollars i wouldn't feel good about myself to hold on to it. >> a would-be robber apparently in need of some training. the guy walks into a convenience store. he
wouldn't be able to say that america is invading and plane blame us. had you to get china and russia to object stain from the voting. this is not something they were really for, is it? >> that's right. in fact, one of the reasons it's taken so long and it is such a last-minute resolution is because of the chinese and the russians. so for them to abstain they stepped out of the way. remember, the frinch have been pushing this resolution because they depend heavily on libyan oil. they use this kind of light oil that is refined in libya. it's not a kind of oil that the u.s. uses. the french have felt very strongly about getting involved and about this no-fly zone. and you can expect their planes to be in the lead, shep. >> shepard: all right. that makes sense. jennifer griffin live for us at the state department tonight. working pentagon sources for us all the while. jennifer, we have just gotten brand new video. this is coming to us from tripoli and these are qaddafi loyalists who were just getting the word on the no-fly zone. hearing from colonel my maury qaddafi about how he was goin
are right, they are on alert from mexico all the way down to the tip of south america. low lying areas in columbia and ecuador have declared a state of emergency. the islands also on heightened alert as the tsunami continues to push south, moving far faster than many on those small islands can escape. capitol hill has begun evacuating residents along the coast there, taking no chances after a massive tsunami killed 500 people there. shepard? >> shepard: claudia cowan with the latest reports from san francisco as the sun goes down for the day. the forecaster who's sounded the alarm here in the united states could lose money under the budget bill that the house recently passed. the measure cuts funding for the national weather service, including the tsunami warning center in hawaii. even before today's disaster, some democrats were calling the plan reckless and dangerous. the u.s. senate rejected the house bill earlier this week and president obama has threatened to veto it. there is much more ahead on this devastating pacific earthquake and tsunami as the sun rose a few short hours ago
work to strengthen america's nuclear industry. >> shepard: in fact, he says the lessons we learn from the crisis here in japan could end up helping make america nuclear facilities much safer than they were. mike emanuel is our man at the white house. he is there now. the big concern is the strength of the nuclear plants. in earthquake zones like california. after all, here in japan, they thought that they were fully ready. clearly they weren't. >> shep, no question. there is one in particular. diablo canyon getting a lot of attention right along the california coast. so it could face a tsunami. could face an earthquake. officials say they built it to withstand a 7.5 earthquake. and a 30-foot tsunami, still one key house democrat says he is worried about that site and many others. take a listen. >> we cannot assume that nucas onicofucarowil beesoy ithes eraror >> shepard: mike emanuel live at the white house. two are shutting down or putting new ones on hold as we have been mentioning because of the crisis here in japan. as i mentioned and as mike just reported some lawmakers are looki
. >> america's leading diversity. the u.s. should not overreact. >> it remains my view that we ought not to make a long term decision about any american energy policy in the wake of environmental catastrophe in another part of the world now far senator mcconnell and others in washington are focused on supporting the japanese in any way possible. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel live at the white house for us. mike, thanks very much. new information coming in about the government reports of an explosion as reactor number 2, as, at one of the three nuclear power plants which was of grave concern this early morning on tuesday in tokyo. let's go to the north now and our correspondent adam housley. >> we are having the same sort of technical issues you are having. the winds picked up. we have heard of the potential of the radiation release. the suppression pool that you spoke about moments ago and that news just come in. the government has been worried about for a number of days at more than just a location where the explosion took place today. that is definitely a significant development a
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